Tired of looking at that bare wall? Unsure about which piece will work best for your space? Want the option to continually refresh and revitalize your home with original artwork?

Here you can try out different woodblock prints and collages for finite periods of time and see what kind of effect each image has on the room. If you happen to fall in love and don’t want to return the piece at the end of the leasing period, you may extend the lease or, opt for a full purchase with your leasing payments deducted from the retail price of the work. All leased artwork comes professionally framed, ready to install with hanging hardware and instructions provided.

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When the heart breathes…shadows turn into light – FRAMED LEASE


I have watched many suns and moons before you came – FRAMED LEASE


I have only one song… as I await your return… our legend shimmers – FRAMED LEASE


The color blue… blankets my heart – FRAMED LEASE


Bending in sunshine of spring – FRAMED LEASE


Stillness never changes… always changes… like dreams – FRAMED LEASE


Long ago… their story was placed between these stones – FRAMED LEASE


I turn my face to the sun – FRAMED LEASE


The moon placed lotus here last night – FRAMED LEASE


…held now…by the light of day – FRAMED LEASE


For all the bridges… I have dared to cross – FRAMED LEASE


Things that just became what they were all the time – FRAMED LEASE


I shall sit among stones…and watch them hold onto their shadows – FRAMED LEASE


Where I enter the mountain… shadows disappear – FRAMED LEASE


Heartbeat of the mountain – FRAMED LEASE


Where I never feel alone – FRAMED LEASE


I call the garden to my side – FRAMED LEASE


Even the full moon listens to falling water – FRAMED LEASE


Walls hold my words – FRAMED LEASE


Night Sounds… calling – FRAMED LEASE


A warm stone to dream upon I, II & III – FRAMED LEASE


Forest… holding the moon – FRAMED LEASE



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Note: Mixed Media Collage prices include framing. Woodblock Print and Woodblock Embossing prices do not include framing unless otherwise specified.

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