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In central Texas, there are currently over 5,600 children in the foster care system.

The mission of Foster Village is to come alongside children and families in the Austin area child welfare system and show them that they are not alone. Our goal is to create opportunities for the community to be a “village” of support to these vulnerable and underserved children and families. Founded in 2016, Foster Village is led by experienced foster parents, child welfare advocates, and a board made up of passionate and diverse community professionals. This first-hand experience and understanding allows us to connect directly with foster families in ways that help them feel empowered and part of a larger mission. We know how important connection and stability are, especially during those first (often uncertain and traumatic) days. Often times these children come with very few belongings, if any at all. We hope to alleviate some of the stress that comes with those first days after placement by delivering items such as clothing, car seats, cribs, backpacks, and other basic necessities. We also provide special request therapeutic items such as weighted blankets, infant carriers, and white noise machines through our Project SOOTHe program. Foster Village is made possible through community support and involvement. Through monetary donations, physical donations, and volunteering we have the ability to be a village of encouragement to the thousands of Central Texas children who need to know that they are seen and valued. It is our goal to ‘be a village’ to these families and children walking through difficult circumstances in our city. Everyone can do something, however big or small… They’re all our children and every one of us is needed.

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