Daryl accompanies Owen to an Estate Planning CLE in Washington, DC. Besides visiting The East and West Wing of the National Art Galleries, The Freer, The Sackler, The Native American Museum, and the Phillips Collection, there was a reception on the Presidential Yacht, Sequoia, moored on the Washington Channel of the Potomac River. This is the Chris Craft looking vessel commissioned by Herbert Hoover, used for photo ops by FDR and on which Kennedy had his last birthday party. Remarkably, it was where Nixon went to drink excessively while playing the piano (installed at his request) alone, at the conclusion of which he decided to resign. President Carter ordered it sold during his administration as he cut back on pomp and pageantry in an effort to connect with the common peanut farmers of the USA. The above recitation is from what Owen was told while on board, to read more go to www.sequoiayacht.us