Come buy for the Holidays!
You’re invited to a private art show at Daryl’s creekside pavilion.

From the invention of paper and its impact on communication, to the modern art print, explore the incredible process of printmaking and how it has shaped cultures around the globe. With unique pairings from Daryl’s private antique print collection alongside her work and highlighted with Roy Brown’s union of clay and metal as a distinctive art form.

Enjoy the hands on experience of inking and pulling a woodblock print!

Texas Ceramics Artist, Roy Brown, has enjoyed a distinguished career in the arts for more than 45 years. With a Masters in Fine Arts from Southern Methodist University, he continues to pursue his passion for pottery. Not only as the functional pieces we use each day but celebrating pottery as an art form.

He draws inspiration from nature and its surroundings. He allows the influences from his daily provincial life to enhance his art. His artistic techniques seamlessly blend from his work on his family’s wheat fields of West Texas to his cattle and ranch work in the mountains of southern New Mexico.

In his art, he employs an obverse approach, uniting clay and metal. By first molding then decorating the soft clay, he fires it with intense heat in a kiln to harden his design. In opposition, he then takes steel from hard to soft and malleable using the heat of his forge. Hand forging the final elements that both adorn and accentuate his distinctive ceramic artwork.

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